Base Hospital Panadura

Base Hospital Panadura

Hybrid Cargotecture Development (HCD) is pleased to announce its ongoing project to build a 2000 sqft hybrid shipping container building facility for Base Hospital Panadura. This two-story building is built from four forty-feet containers side by side, with a space comprising 12 large consulting rooms and two meeting rooms. It also includes attached male and female washrooms on each floor and a large double-height waiting area for patients.

The facility is designed to serve as a standby triage center in case of any epidemic in the future. The utilization of shipping containers in construction has been gaining popularity due to their durability, mobility, and cost-effectiveness. This innovative approach has allowed HCD to provide an efficient and practical solution for Base Hospital Panadura's needs.

The hybrid shipping container building will be built according to HCD's high standards of quality, incorporating top-notch materials and the latest technologies. The construction process will be supervised by a team of highly skilled professionals, ensuring the successful completion of the project within the stipulated timeframe.

HCD has been known for its expertise in container fabrication, steel engineering, design management, and construction materials supply. With this project, the company aims to showcase its capabilities in container construction and establish its position as a reliable partner for the healthcare industry.

The Base Hospital Panadura project is expected to contribute significantly to the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka, providing a modern, sustainable, and functional facility for the community.

In conclusion, Hybrid Cargotecture Development's ongoing project to build a hybrid shipping container building facility for Base Hospital Panadura is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to its clients. With its expertise in container construction and steel engineering, HCD is set to establish itself as a key player in the healthcare sector and contribute to the development of the country's infrastructure.

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