Hcd Hybrid Steel Housing
Hcd Hybrid Steel Housing

Hybrid Cargotecture Development Private Limited

HCD Hybrid Steel Housing

HCD Hybrid Steel Housing, A novel concept of housing and construction by HCD. A concept to bridge the gap and cost in the construction industry. HCD Hybrid Steel Housing Made to last for generations. These houses are made using a combination of traditional building methods using steel and other latest building materials. Going beyond conventional building solutions HCD Hybrid Steel Housing are Engineered to Perfection.

Hybrid Steel Houses are made using best construction practices using latest building construction methods allowing architects and engineers a product to create futuristic designs. With initial GFRC rafter foundation flooring which is 10 times stronger than conventional concrete gives the house a rigid stability. With roof thermal insulation HCD Hybrid Steel Houses are made to be more comfortable than conventional homes.

You got a nice plot of land and thinking of building a home? Contact us bellow or give us a call on +94 76 332 8888 to find out more about how we can help you to build your own solid home much faster and within your budget. 

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