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We are Sri Lanka’s #1 innovative supplier in mobile and modular hybrid hotels, hybrid homes, hybrid building solutions including cabin containers, ISO containers, toilet containers, container conversions and steel fabricated boxes..

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hcd,hybrid homes, shipping container homes, container conversions sri lanka, schipping container office. We are Sri Lanka’s #1 innovative supplier in container and civil building solutions, hybrid hotels, hybrid homes including office containers, ISO cont

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Hybrid Cargotecture Development

The Pioneering Premium Quality Hybrid Container Construction Company in Sri Lanka. HCD - Technology Engineered to Perfection! 

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At HCD Product Development Centre - Loading a 40ft Completed Unit For Delivery.

Interior Of a Bedroom Unit and Delivery Using a Boom Truck.

Placing Fabricated Containers At A Site.

HCD CLIENTS' ALBUM - Click / Press images for more details

Hybrid Cargotecture have successfully completed large number of container construction projects in Sri Lanka. We have given below photos of few projects for the information of our customers. If you wish to obtain further details and photos of all other completed projects or to build please feel free to contact us

Experience Is The Difference

It's not as simple as it looks.

As a matter of fact, it's really hard to turn a container into a structure that works. We know how to do it right.

Industry leaders engage Hybrid Cargotecture with good reason—our expertise, proprietary best-in-class container-based testing and modeling, and container preparation and building process provide results.
Our top-tier clients know we provide safe, durable, sustainable solutions that are faster and less expensive than traditional building methods. The Hybrid Cargotecture difference? Experience. We deliver an end-to-end solution on time and on budget.


VALUE FOR MONEY - Hybrid Cargotecture shipping container conversion comes with Luxury finishes at low cost

MOBILITY - Hybrid Cargotecture units are mobile and can be relocated at a minimal cost

​FAST DELIVERY - Container Conversions could be done and Delivered with in fifteen to ninety days depending on the design

​READY MADE - Pre-designed Hybrid Cargotecture Houses / Offices ready to be purchased

MINIMUM INVESTMENT IN LAND - Can be built in an extent less than five perches of owned or leased land

MODERN STYLES -Range of designs to suit your lifestyle. Flexibility of adding units

SAFETY & COMFORTS - Temperature Controlled, No lightning or Tsunami risk

LIFE & WARRANTY - Built from ISO Cor-ten steel shipping containers which can be used for more than fifty to hundred years

ECO FRIENDLY - Manufactured from Up-Cycled marine grade containers and other recyclable materials. Options to integrate solar power and rain water harvesting


Hybrid Cargotecture, A novel concept of housing and construction using shipping containers conceptualized and pioneered by Hybrid Cargotecture Development to bridge the gaps that currently exist within the construction industry.

Hybrid Cargotecture Development (pvt) Limited is a company incorporated in Sri Lanka with the sole objective of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and marketing Hybrid Container Housing and other value for money housing and accommodation solutions in Sri Lanka. Hybrid had successfully conceptualized, designed and built many Hybrid Hotels, Houses, Buildings and other Shipping Container solutions in Sri Lanka which had won several accolades from construction experts in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Hybrid Cargotecture shipping container conversions provides an array of advantages against the conventional housing.

Hybrid is genuinely Eco Friendly construction. Hybrid Hotels, Homes, Office space and Buildings are exclusively marketed by Hybrid Cargotecture Development Private Limited in Sri Lanka.

We pride ourselves on developing smart high-tech Luxury Buildings, Housing, Hotels always with a sustainable footprint. Working with a strong team of industry professionals, we have a proven track record in unlocking value in sites and translating client's vision into reality.  

"  Hybrid Cargotecture | Sri Lanka's Number One Container Housing Brand - Technology Engineered to Perfection! "

Ask us a questionTo obtain further details or to build please feel free to contact our customer service, 

You can call us on our hotline +94 76 332 8888 or +94 112 581 888  or email

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