Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the HCD FAQ page! Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about our Hybrid Houses made from shipping containers. If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at 076 332 8888.

Corrosion Control

Q: How do you control corrosion in HCD houses made from shipping containers?

A: Our shipping containers are made from non-corrosive Corten steel and coated with primers to prevent rust, fungi, and mold, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Temperature Control

Q: How does a hybrid shipping container house control temperature in hot and humid climates like Sri Lanka?

A: Our houses feature internal insulation and ventilation systems that regulate room temperature and reduce heat absorption, providing comfortable living conditions.

Lightning Protection

Q: How a HCD house protected from lightning and thunder?

A: Shipping containers act as Faraday cages, distributing electrostatic charges around the exterior during lightning strikes, ensuring the safety of the occupants.


Q: What is the durability of a HCD house?

A: Shipping containers have a lifespan of over 20 years and offer strong structural integrity. With proper maintenance, HCD hybrid houses come with a lifetime warranty.

Termite Protection

Q: How are HCD houses protected from termites?

A: The steel structure and termite-resistant materials like gypsum / cement boards used in the interior cladding ensure a termite-free environment.

Building Height

Q: How many floors can a HCD house be built?

A: Our hybrid designs can support up to three floors without reinforcement and up to six floors with additional reinforcement.

Theft Protection

Q: How safe is a HCD house against theft?

A: HCD houses feature steel walls and additional security measures such as special glasses or grills, providing enhanced safety against theft.


Q: Can HCD houses be insured?

A: Yes, an HCD house can be insured just like a conventional house.


Q: How do I get electricity and water for HCD houses?

A: Electricity and water supply can be arranged through standard application processes with the respective authorities. HCD provides the necessary plans and technical details.


Q: What about the foundation of HCD houses?

A: Only four corner posts are required to anchor a container, minimizing the need for extensive foundation work.

Wastewater Disposal

Q: How will wastewater be disposed of in HCD houses?

A: Septic tanks can be installed during construction, with pipe connections from the house to facilitate waste disposal.

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If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us at 076 332 8888

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