Gihan's Kohuwala gets a Hybrid Kitchen from HCD

Gosh, shipping container kitchens are a great idea! Because steel shipping containers are so easy to modify, a lot of businesses are turning these versatile, durable steel boxes into self-contained kitchens for their latest business venture. Ventilation, refrigeration, appliances, storage – everything you need in a kitchen can be yours with a cleverly modified container from the pioneers HCD!
HCD delivered a hybrid kitchen to Gihans Restaurant in Kohuwala recently. The kitchen is made out of a 20ft shipping container which will be used as a display feature unit.
Gihan's The best in Sri Lankan, Thai and Chinese fusion – got something for everyone!
Gihan's restaurant and pub opened its doors in 1995 and have been satisfying cravings that caters since then! With a new twist on Sri Lankan, Thai and Chinese fusion cuisine, Gihan's don’t just aim to please but aim to amaze. Affordable pricing combined with beautiful location is perfect for making the memories anyone wish to create. 

3 Ideas for Shipping Container Kitchens

Check out a few of the great ways HCD Shipping containers can make your dream of a shipping container kitchen, a reality…

Container Prep Kitchen

For the catering industry, outdoor worksites, or any other business that needs to move from one place to another – and to move their food prep capabilities with them – a shipping container prep kitchen is ideal. It’s cost-effective and mobile.

With a high cube 20 or 40-foot container, you’ll have plenty of space for all your industrial-grade appliances, benches, sinks, and storage. We can modify your shipping container kitchens for lighting and electrical, plumbing, and to ensure you have adequate space for keeping your food refrigerated. With a 40-foot container, we can also include a seating area if you want to work a cafeteria into your shipping container kitchen space.

Shipping Container Kitchen Café

Want to jump into the food truck trend in Sri Lanka, without a truck? Instead of the mobile truck, you can convert a mobile shipping container into a mini café, bar, or restaurant with a fully-equipped kitchen. Paint the container to match your brand’s colours. Design it to suit the tastes of your clientele with windows, the right lighting, flooring, and other features. Create spaces for your customers with an indoor bar area, outdoor seating, or a seating space on top of your shipping container kitchens so they can enjoy the view while eating your food.

Container Office Kitchen and Lounge Area

If your business operates in a trendy open space around Colombo, Kandy, Down South or any other cities, consider working a shipping container kitchen into your layout instead of the traditional break room. Set it up for coffee, water, and healthy snacks. Include a seating area for your employees to enjoy their coffee break while brainstorming ideas, or just relaxing.

Ready to have your shipping container kitchen idea brought to life? At HCD Shipping Containers, we’ve built plenty of shipping container kitchens, from standard prep kitchens for construction sites to stylish compact restaurants. You get all the benefits of a used shipping container – they are secure, weather-resistant, vermin and fire-proof – plus the ability to create virtually any kitchen design idea.

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