HCD delivers a three story building to LPF Schools

Hybrid Cargotecture Development ( HCD ) the pioneers in the hybrid shipping container and steel building construction delivered a three story hybrid building to LPF Schools dehiwala. This 2000 Sqft three-story building is built within six months with six forty feet shipping containers including the steel structure reinforcements.
As the total construction solutions provider HCD's team carried out the work of ground leveling, laying foundation and concrete, container and steel building fabrication, electrical, plumbing, tiling, aluminum works, and painting.
The ground floor of the building is used to shift the existing kindergarten to a modern new kindergarten classroom while the second floor is for the art room. the third floor of the building has a modern computer lab which will be used for various online exams.
LPF Academy has established a culture in children to develop a passion for learning that will serve their needs throughout and beyond school. to create and maintain an ethos that encourages high standards, self-resilience, cooperation, enthusiasm, and initiative.
The LPF Academy has a team of qualified, well-trained, and highly motivated teachers to suit the needs of a well-planned curriculum. Strong consideration is given to appropriate qualifications, teaching experience, and continuous staff development.
The sports and recreational activities will be carried out by professional instructors, teachers, and coaches in supervised environments.
established in 1993, The LPF School’s network has, by now, expanded to several branches scattered all over the country through the Bridge to Peace program which is facilitated by the students and teachers of the LPF network itself. Aunty Bernie’s house is by now a home filled with love, happiness, and grace. Staying true to her small school concept, Aunty Bernie is personally invested in all the students under her wing, making sure that the children are not judged for who they are, but are loved for who they are and whom they could become, with the right dose of encouragement, care, and unconditional positive regard. Thus, she ensures that every child who passes through her doors steps out into the world as the best version of themselves and is ready to be all they want to be!
We wish LPF all the best in its future endeavors.
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