Delivery of Hybrid Garden Container Lounge - Jawatta, Colombo 05

Shipping Container House
This garden lounge is constructed using a 20 ft upcycled shipping container. This cozy garden lounge is secluded in the heart of Colombo. A perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city, within the city itself.
While it is intended to serve as a lounge it can also be used as a bedroom or any other space. The interior of the container is stunningly fabricated, completely in white to bring out a clean and sleek finish. The tall floors to ceiling glass bay sliding doors are included and they open up to the pool and garden. They serve as an entry to all the natural light and air while allowing the residents to have a complete view of the surroundings. The exterior of the container is painted in olive green to blend with the garden. This lounge can be ideal for those who seek a space to enjoy spending some quiet time amidst busy schedules.
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