What are the Advantages of Building a Hybrid House or a Building?

Value For Money
Hybrid Cargotecture shipping container homes comes with Luxury finishes at low cost. A two Bedroom house built from shipping containers can range in price from Rs. 2,800,000 to Rs. 3,500,000, which is about half the price per square foot of a conventional home. On the other hand, A Hybrid Bed Room can be bought and furnish for low as Rs. 950,000. The general consensus is that Hybrid Shipping Container homes are cheaper to build than conventional housing 
Ready Made
Pre-designed Hybrid Cargotecture Houses ready to be purchased. Check with our customer service deprtment of our range of Ready Made Chalets and Offices 
Safety & Comforts
Hybrid Shipping Containers Homes are as safe as any other Home.Temperature Controlled, No lightning or Tsunami risk. Shipping container homes are universally known for one key attribute: strength. They’re almost always made out of steel, a material that’s known to be resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Yes, this includes extreme forms of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes as well.
One of the benefits of Hybrid container homes is their mobility. Depending on how the home is built it can be transported, Relocated during its lifetime to another location at a minimal cost.
Minimum Investment in Land
Can be built in an extent less than 5 perches of owned or leased land
Life & Warranty
Built from ISO Cor-ten steel shipping containers  which can be used for more than 100 years
Fast Delivery
Container Conversions could be done and Delivered with in  15 to 180 days depending on the design
Modern Styles
Range of designs to suit your lifestyle. Flexibility of adding units
Eco Friendly
Manufactured from Up-Cycled shipping containers and  recyclable materials. Options to integrate solar power and rain water harvesting

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