What are the Technical Specs of a Stranded Container Living Room with Pantry?

Living Room with Pantry
Containers: 1 No 20 Feet container. 
Insulation:  Interior panels are insulated with special heat resistant insulation that assures an internal temperature below 28c.
Cladding: Living and Pantry areas to have 09mm Gypsum Boards 
Roof Cladding:  Suspended Ceiling 
Flooring:  2.5 mm vinyl carpet. 
Painting: All internal and external metal surface de-corroded and spray painted with appropriate priming coats and with approved color prior to installing cladding and insulation
Interior – Dulux Light & Space Emulsion
Exterior – Marine Paints 
Doors:  Living Area:1 Nos Aluminum/Plywood swing door with all door gears and lock (915 X 2000 mm)    
Windows:  Living Room: 1 Nos Aluminum 02 bay sliding window – (2250 x 2100mm) 
Pantry: 1 Nos Aluminum 02 bay sliding window – (700 x 1000mm) 
Lamps:  6 Nos down lights with wiring and switches 
Sockets Outlets and wiring:  05 AMP – 04 Nos,  15 AMP – 01 Nos  ,Wiring completed with external connection (32 AMP industrial socket) and appropriate circuit-breakers  
AC and Fans: 1 Wall mounted fan Provision and Provision for 01 Nos AC units 
Pantry:  1 Nos Single bowl stainless Steel sink with tiled table top and underneath cupboards – 8 feet.

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