Modern House Design & Builders In Sri Lanka | Hcd
Modern House Design & Builders In Sri Lanka | Hcd
Modern House Design & Builders In Sri Lanka | Hcd

Modern House Design & Builders in Sri Lanka | HCD

At HCD Builders, we have the right people, skills, and creativity to design and build luxury houses in Sri Lanka. The pioneers in the construction industry provide premium quality, sophisticated designs at unmatchable prices.

HCD Hybrid Movable Houses

These movable house and prefab houses are portable and you can set them up with heavy-duty caravans and easily shift to a different location of your choice.

When it comes to climbing the rungs of the property ladder, it's sometimes worth thinking outside the box. While most homes are positioned on permanent foundations, others offer the opportunity for you to take them with you when you move. From modular houses that can be erected wherever you can find the space that have minimal impact on their surroundings, these incredible hybrid portable homes are sure to inspire a new way of thinking.


What is the concept of a movable house?

Prefabricated or prefab houses are the dream houses that we could have only imagined but now can own. These are houses built of transportable components that can be easily moved from one place to another. Some of these prefab homes are built on wheels as well. The privilege of a prefab house is that it significantly reduces the time of construction and is sustainable in nature. Also, since they can be customized, you can know how to plan a modern luxury house.

Are modular homes and prefab homes the same?

Well, this is a myth. A modular home, though built in a factory-like setting, is not a portable house. After completing the build-up parts differently, the builder just assembles them in one location. While designing these modular homes, you can also get yourself a 3D printed backyard for yourself. Some of these prefab homes are built on wheels as well.They are stationed-homes. While the prefab homes again, built in factory-like settings are mostly built on tyres or in a manner in which they can be transported from one place to another. These concepts are some emerging trends in the real estate industry.

Facts about modular/movable homes

Modular homes are set on a permanent foundation and are transported only from the factory site to the location. Prefab homes can be transported according to the convenience of the owner.

Advantages of having modular homes/ prefab homes

  • Affordable
  • Needs less time for construction
  • Are customized homes
  • Energy efficient


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